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  Material: Cotton; Origin: China; Accept: OEM Order  
  Brief Information
  Year of Establish:  
  Annual Sales Volume:  
  USD 25 millions  
  Annual Capacity:  
  80,000 - 1.2 Million doz.  
  Business Type:  
  Major Market:  
  North America, Western Europe  
  Product Ranges:  
  Bra, Sport Bra, T-shirt, Briefs, Singlet, Brassiere, Panties, Silk Underwear, Briefs & Panties, Pyjamas, Sleepwear, Children Wear  
  Head Office:  
  Room 604, Sun beam Centre, 27 Shing Yip Street, Kwung Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong  
  China Factory:  
  Block 1 & 2, Jun Fa Industrial Area, Dong Yin Road, Zhen Kou, Tai Ping Town, Dong Guang City, China  
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