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Brand Name - Raymond Renee
Brand Name - Maxel

Established in watch business for 30 years.  Very experienced in case, band & dial manufacturing and complete watch assembling.  Focus in mid- to high-end quality: ladies’ bracelets, slim leather bands, stainless steel watches and also in kit-sets.  Over the years we have developed strong partnerships in different markets.

Company Vision
Aiming to be a reliable OEM /ODM solution provider, UNILUX is committed to help you achieve primarily the following five goals:
Managing Product Concept into Market Victory
Meeting the Need of Cost Competitiveness
Satisfying the Want of Lead-time Reduction
Exceeding Customer Expectation
Increasing Profits
Future Development
Expand more communication channels to customers for more efficient information sharing and product development.
Equipped with a complete know-how in watch manufacturing and 30 years experience in watch industry, we have developed a quality-conscious culture throughout the organization and cost-effective supply network.
We provide one-stop-shop services:
Clients will gain personalized service and attention.
Wide collection of models in different specifications.
R&D: Realizing your ideas / concepts – Design (2D/3D) >> Engineering >> Prototype (CNC-assisted)
Quality assurance: QC starts from Engineering >> During production >> Before shipment
Office / Factory
Hong Kong Office:
Sales & Marketing, Design, Accounting, Showroom
Shenzhen Departments:
Production Control
Materials Control
Engineering / Design
Shenzhen Equipments:
CNC machines, complete set of prototyping & molding facilities
Tailor-made Plating testers
Assembly lines in dust/humidity-controlled room
Various Water Resistant testers
Brand Name
Company Information
Year of Establishment : 1980
Annual Sales Volume : USD 1 - 5 millions
Major Markets : Australasia, Central & South America, Middle East, South East Asia, Western Europe
Annual Capacity : < 500,000 pcs.
Factory Size : 15,001 - 20,000 sq. meter
Number of Workers : 26 - 50
Number of Office Staffs : 1 - 10
Number of QC Staffs : 1 - 10
  Products Highlight
Leather Strap Watch
  Leather Strap Watch  
Metal Band Watch
  Metal Band Watch  
Metal Band Watch
  Metal Band Watch  
Chrono & Multi-functions Watch
  Chrono & Multi-functions Watch  
Metal Band Watch w/ CZ stones
  Metal Band Watch w/ CZ stones  
Metal Band Watch
  Metal Band Watch  
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