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  Die-Casting Aluminium Cookware Page 1 of 1  
Double Frypan
  Double Frypan  
  • Seals in the taste and maintains high nutritional value • No oil-splattering • Less smoke & smell • Easy cleaning • Steam vent • Oil gathering • Magneti  
Ceramic Coating Cookware
  Ceramic Coating Cookware  
  • Ceramic coating • Healthy coating without PFOA  
Marble Coating Cookware
  Marble Coating Cookware  
  • Marble coating  
16-Piece Cooker Set
  16-Piece Cooker Set  
  Cooker Set Including: • 16cm Sauce Pan • 20/24/28cm Sauce Pot • 28cm Deep Frypan • 30cm Double Frypan • 2pcs Nylon Turner • 1pc S/S basket • 1p  
15-Piece Cooker Set
  15-Piece Cooker Set  
  Cooker Set Including: • 20/24/28cm Sauce Pot • 28cm Deep Frypan • 32x21cm Oval Roaster • 28x28cm Grill Pan • Mini Grill Pan • 3pcs Nylon Turner Set  
18-Piece Cooker Set
  18-Piece Cooker Set  
  Cooker Set Including: • 16cm Sauce Pan • 20/24/28cm Sauce Pot • 24cm Stock Pot • 28x28cm Grill Pan • 7pcs Nylon Turner Set   Base Types: • S  
  Brief Information
  Year of Establish:  
  Annual Sales Volume:  
  USD 0.5 - 1 million  
  Annual Capacity:  
  3 - 5 Millions pcs.  
  Business Type:  
  Major Market:  
  Product Ranges:  
  Aluminium Cooker, Die Cast Aluminium Cooker, Bakeware, Frypan, Sauce Pan, Grill Pan, Chinese Wok, Cookie Sheet, Stock Pot, Milk Pan, Roaster, Induction Base, Hard Anodized Cooker, Silicone Kitchen Tools, Nylon Kitchen Tools, Spatula, Whisk, Brush, Spaghetti Server, Colanda, Egg Mould, Food Tong, Pot Holder, Glove, Coaster, Cake Mould, Rolling Pin, Muffin Cups, Loaf Pan, Ice Tray, Honey Stick, Chopstick Holder, Wine Stopper, Funnel, Loops.  
  Head Office:  
  Flat F, 16/F, Mai Kei Industrial Building, 5 San Hop Lane, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong  
  China Factory:  
  Foshan China  
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