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 Product Name : Mink Jacket + Mink Skirt  :: Enquiry Now ::
Mink Jacket and Mink Skirt
Mink Jacket and Mink Skirt
Model Number : Gala#08-01
Product Name : Mink Jacket + Mink Skirt
Product Description :
• Mink jacket and mink skirt.
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  Brief Information
  Year of Establish:  
  Business Type:  
  Major Market:  
  Europe, US, Canada  
  Product Ranges:  
  Fox cape, Mink, Rex Shirt, Rex Garment, Sheared Mink Skirt, Mink Jacket, Fox/Leather Jacket, Semi Sheared Mink Jacket.  
  Head Office:  
  Room A1, 6/F., Phase 1, Kaiser Estate, 41-47 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon Hong Kong  
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