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  Company Profile   [Manufacturer]    
  Ego Pacific is a privately owned company founded in 1999. Headquartered in Hong Kong with production facilities set up in Dongguan, the PRC. We are a well-experienced manufacturer and exporter of electronic consumer products, established by a group of entrepreneurs who has over 15 years of experience and background in the electronic industry. Our products range from digital photo viewers, USB items, calculators, pedometers, clocks, radios and more.     Apart from Standa... [Read more]

Digital Money Bank
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Jumbo Sized Scientific Calculator
  Jumbo Sized Scientific Calculator  
  • 229 function; • 2-line display; • 10+2 digits; • Multi-line playback function; • Unit dimension: 280 x 120 x 21mm.  
Scientific Calculator
  Scientific Calculator  
  • 229 function; • 2-line display; • 10+2 digits; • Multi-line playback function; • Sliding cover; • Battery and solar power; • Unit dimension: 161 x 82 x 21mm  
World Time Clock Calculator
  World Time Clock Calculator  
  • Big display of calendar and time; • Alarm and timer; • Calculator function; • Unit dimension: 103 x 63 x 14.5mm.  
Multifunction Torch with Sliding Ruler and Calculator
  Multifunction Torch with Sliding Ruler and Calculator  
  • 5 LED light; • 8 digit calculator; • 3 meter sliding ruler; • Powered by 3pcs AAA batteries; • Unit dimension: 163 x 67 x 25mm.  
Desktop Calculator
  Desktop Calculator  
  • 12 digit desktop calculator; • With jumbo display; • Auto power off; • Unit dimension: 205 x 111 x 11mm.  
L-Shaped Desktop Calculator
  L-Shaped Desktop Calculator  
  • 10 digit calculator; • Big display; • Dual power system; • Unit dimension: 106 x 190 x 37mm.  
Desktop Calculator
  Desktop Calculator  
  • 8 digit calculator; • Dual power system; • With angle display; • With tax function (optional); • Auto power off; • Unit dimension: 168 x 125 x 30mm.  
Water Power Calculator
  Water Power Calculator  
  • 8 digit calculator; • Powered by water energy, no need for batteries; • Unit dimension: 96 x 151 x 24mm. • PATENTED.  
Ruler Calculator
  Ruler Calculator  
  • 8 digit calculator with 30cm ruler; • Auto power off; • Unit dimension: 314 x 65 x 10mm.  
  Brief Information
  Year of Establish:  
  Annual Sales Volume:  
  Around USD 12 millions  
  Annual Capacity:  
  26 Million pcs.  
  Business Type:  
  Major Market:  
  North America, Europe, Japan, Australia & Scandinavia  
  Product Ranges:  
  Eco-friendly items, USB items, Calculators, Pedometers, Clocks, Radios.  
  Head Office:  
  Units 18-20, 16/F., Block A, Hi-Tech Industrial Centre, 5-21 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong  
  China Factory:  
  Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China  
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