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Ego Pacific is a privately owned company founded in 1999. Headquartered in Hong Kong with production facilities set up in Dongguan, the PRC.

We are a well-experienced manufacturer and exporter of electronic consumer products, established by a group of entrepreneurs who has over 15 years of experience and background in the electronic industry. Our products range from digital photo viewers, USB items, calculators, pedometers, clocks, radios and more.
Apart from Standard Models
We serve the needs of both OEM and ODM by integrating our technical expertise, development know how, efficient manufacturing processes and customers’ novel ideas. Collaborations are welcomed in new products development, we are always committed to develop successful partnerships.
Competitive Edge
Ego Pacific is your dependable partner in transforming your innovative ideas into reality. Together we will create a leading edge that distinguishes your company from your competitors.
We Provide OEM Service
  • Tailor-made products for your company;
  • Suits your every need, at every occasion;
  • Products for your specific target market.
Company Information
Year of Establishment : 1999
Annual Sales Volume : Around USD 12 millions
Major Markets : North America, Europe, Japan, Australia & Scandinavia
Annual Capacity : 26 Million pcs.
Factory Size : 15,000 sq. meter
Number of Workers : 550
Number of Office Staffs : 60
Number of QC Staffs : 15
  Products Highlight
Pill Box Timer
  Pill Box Timer  
Desktop Calculator
  Desktop Calculator  
Card Sized Magnifier with LED Light
  Card Sized Magnifier with LED Light  
Pedometer with Cellphone Holder
  Pedometer with Cellphone Holder  
Digital Money Bank
  Digital Money Bank  
Handheld Calculator
  Handheld Calculator  
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