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We are a Chine/HK based merchandising company found in 1966, with a staff force of 12 people. For European market, we specialise in active Sportwear like Gotcha, Tomster, F2, Matador, ....... While for Fashion-Sport like Spanner and Cleo, we target on the United States and Canadian markets.
There are 4 key departments in our office, they are:
  • Merchandising Department carries out administration and logistic work like sampling, costing and monitoring of production and delivery schedule.
  • Purchasing Department focuses on sourcing of materials and accessories. We used to import fabrics from Japan, Korea and Taiwan while we are also keen to search for new accessories in accordance with buyers' requests.
  • Computerized pattern making system (Lectra) keeps very constant style / fitting record for our customer. While marker system helps our vendor grading accurately & efficiently.
  • To better enhance our quality and serve our client's needs. Quality Controllers (QC) is stationed in each factory to ensure and monitor the garment quality as well as report on the production progress. Regular QC report on the production progress will also be prepared for buyers' information.
In the meantime, we are working closely with 3 different factories each with its expertise in the following areas:
  • Snowboard / Ski / Shirt for summer; cooperate with Astron since 1998.
  • Feather & Down Jacket; cooperate with Astron since 1999.
  • Knitted T-shirt / Sweatshirt; cooperate with Astron since 1996.
The factory information is available anytime necessary. We are pleased to furnish you further information regarding our factories and products, please feel free to contact us anytime at your convenience by phone or email.
Company Information
Year of Establishment : 1998
Major Markets : United States, Canadian Market, Western Europe
Number of Workers : 100-200
Number of Office Staffs : 10-15
  Products Highlight
Men's nylon bike short w/ Iycra shorts inside
  Men's nylon bike short w/ Iycra shorts inside  
Men's 100% nylon snow pant
  Men's 100% nylon snow pant  
Bike pants shammy
  Bike pants shammy  
Men's 100% nylon cotton 3 quartes pant
  Men's 100% nylon cotton 3 quartes pant  
Ladies' polyester shorts
  Ladies' polyester shorts  
Ladies' polyester shorts
  Ladies' polyester shorts  
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