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Why Us


  • Totally FREE registration to become buyer member;
  • Reduce cost of oversea travelling for visiting oversea exhibition;
  • 24-hour supplier sourcing platform without boundary & time limitation;
  • Fastest ways for procurement, cut your sourcing time dramatically;
  • Get to the market faster and can source hot new product efficiently;
  • Simply and cost-effective way to connect with manufacturers in Asia;
  • To find the good vendors by matching their requirements to a factory’s capability, capacity, product quality, ISO certificate, etc;
  • Minimize the effort in searching a qualified suppliers.


  • 24-hour online product promotion in over 200 countries;
  • will broadcast your company and product information to all potential buyers by regularly sending e-Newsletter to oversea buyers;
  • Most effective way to develop global market, new businesses & new customers;
  • Our sourcing teams find and receive oversea enquires daily. If you’re listed in, buyers will find you;
  • Easiest way to display your company and products to new buyers;
  • already connected to all worldwide famous search engines, in other words, your products can be searched over a thousand of search engines in the world;
  • Lower advertising fee, suppliers can promote their products without printing and postage cost;
  • Help suppliers to discover customers’ immediate manufacturing need;
  • All your products can be updated by our professional design teams;
  • Your products can be exhibited globally at anytime and anywhere;
  • Capture different countries’ potential buyers.

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  Product Highlight
Jelly Candle & Real Specimen Key Chain
  Jelly Candle & Real Specimen Key Chain  
Necklace & Pendant
  Necklace & Pendant  
Egg Garland
  Egg Garland  
Double Frypan
  Double Frypan  
Chrono & Multi-functions Watch
  Chrono & Multi-functions Watch  
Metal Candle Holder
  Metal Candle Holder  
Acrylic Digital Timer Clock
  Acrylic Digital Timer Clock  
Aluminium Photo Frame with Photo Album
  Aluminium Photo Frame with Photo Album  
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Office Address
Room 1601-02, 16th Floor,
Hua Fu Commercial Building,
111 Queen's Road West,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong.
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