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Our Services

We provide diversified services to suit your needs, which include:

• 24x7 Advertising Platform
24 hours a day, online product and company display advertising platform that exhibit latest product and company information to oversea buyer around the world;

• eMatching
Intelligent E-Matching service that allows buyer to find qualified supplier more efficiently while enabling supplier to make profit. It’s a win-win result. Our sourcing teams will find a range of supplier for oversea buyer to choose, and collect the purchase request from buyer for supplier;

• Product Alert Notification
Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) service – we actively approach oversea buyer to promote your products in order to increase awareness by selected specific target groups;

• Search Engine Submission Service
It enhance the visibility of websites in search engine result pages. It enables you to reach oversea buyer when they are looking for information on your company or products by typing specific keywords in search engine tools.

• Customized Online Promotional Strategies
We catered to your needs, budgets and targets. We offer a range of value-added advertising services, including banner rotation ads, hot product area, etc, for enhancing buyers’ awareness.

• Hit Rate Tracking Analysis Report
We developed an advertisement performance tracking system, this system provide detailed analysis report of the impression of your banner advertisement, the number of clicks rate, etc. By these statistical information, it allow you to know more about the effectiveness of your advertisement, so that you can plan more marketing strategies on that.

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Room 1601-02, 16th Floor,
Hua Fu Commercial Building,
111 Queen's Road West,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong.
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