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Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy governing your use of website. Please kindly read this carefully in order to ensure you understand's practices. By using this website, you understand and agree this privacy policy listed as below.

Collection of Your Personal Information

In order to become’s user or member, requires the user to provide personal and company information. collect these information on our website or via registration form. Information include, but not limited to, company name, name of contact person, email address, postal address, office address, phone number, fax number, mobile phone number, type of business industry, turnover amount. require these information to identify an individual or company.

The aim of is to increase the business opportunity between suppliers and buyers. This website is to make user and its company to be known all over the world. Therefore, will expose your information you provided to us to the public. Information include, but not limited to, company name, email address, website, products and services, company information, trade leads, payment information. will gather, use and broadcast member’s information which you provide to us by any form of data submission process. You agreed to give the rights to publish of such information. If you do not want us to distribute and publish your information, please inform us immediately in written notice.

The Use of Your Information use your information in below aspects:
  • To do the marketing campaigns, and advertising promotion;
  • To do the website statistic analyze;
  • To serve you, such as checking problem, evaluating problem, resolving disputes and enforcing agreements, etc;
  • To design and develop’s website contents, structures and service we provide;
  • To share the statistical information with our business partners, advertisers, customers, etc.
  • To contact you regarding to product alerts, new products/services alerts, surveys, new information, newsletters, payment alerts, through your provided information such as email address, mailing address, telephone number or fax number, etc;

Publication of Your Information

All of your provided information will be published on website and becomes public information. It can be collected and viewed by members, third parties, and any Internet users. You agreed to forego any proprietary rights in such information which including but not limited to the copyrights, the rights of confidentiality. Therefore, please double check all of your information before you provide it to us.

Your Payment Information

You are required to provide us your payment information, such as bank account or credit card information for completing the transaction. Your payment information will be protected. It will only be provided to the banker or credit card organization to perform and validate the transaction. However, we will not guarantee banker or credit card organization to guard your payment information against intruders for the risks of theft, loss or mis-use. shall not be liable to users or any other person for any damages that might result from disclosure, unauthorized use or access, or any other mis-use of your payment information.

Disclosure of Your Information

As written above, will disclose your information which you provided to us to all public users in order to increase business opportunity between suppliers and buyers.

Besides, we will disclose your information to authorities or legal entities if we believe that you infringed the constitution, infringed others’ property rights, the property of, or your activities harmful to other users. Also, we reserve the right to disclose your information to governmental or regulatory authority which is required by law or judicial order.

If we found that a user is harmful to or breach our Terms of User Agreement or any other agreement with us, we will disclose your information to court or legal entities for the purpose to pursue our claim or prevent further injury to or others.

Statistical Information

In order to do the statistic analyze, will collect user’s IP address, operating system, pages viewed, etc, through the use of cookies. We use these information to monitor and maintain our servers, diagnose problems, and enhance our services, increase Internet performance, undertake the marketing promotion, etc.


A cookie is information that a website puts on computer harddisk so that it store something about user. It records the user preferences when using a particular website, and it can be sent from the computer’s hard drive when user access our website. When user visits our website, we use “Cookies” to store user’s specific information and enhance identification of all users. Our web servers will be notified when user visit our website via cookies.

We use cookies in below aspects:

  • to confirm users identification;
  • to follow up the promotions and track the progress;
  • to do the analysis on users’ visiting pattern and user interests;
  • to gather the statistical data on users’ usage pattern.

You can change your cookie settings by configuring your own computer’s Internet browser when you access website. You can choose to accept all cookies, you can be informed when a cookie data is delivered, or you can refuse all cookies by disabling cookie function.


As a registered member, eSource will provide you a set of login and password for accessing our protected web area. We are highly recommend you do not disclose it to anyone, and do not choose to save your login and password on your computer. eSource will never ask you to provide your password in any communication method.

Our systems have installed security hardware/software to prevent unauthorized access. However, no data transmission over the Internet can be 100% guaranteed to be secured. We will still try our best to maintain data security.

Changes to Privacy Policy has the rights and authorities to modify and update this Privacy Policy at anytime, without prior notice by posting the updated version on the Site. Any changes are effective immediately. Your continued use of the website constitutes your agreement that you've read all of the Privacy Policy, and you accept and respect it and its amendments.

Update Your Information

Please kindly inform us if any of your information is outdated. If you would like to update your company information in our website, please send a written notice to us by email or fax.


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